The second VECTOR’s project meeting was held in Algarve’s University, June, 6th to 8th, at Rectory Building, Gambelas Campus.

The objective of the meeting was to do a first update to the project development, namely the state of the deliverables.

It was a very positive meeting, thanks also to the excellent host of Algarve’s University where the two day work took place.

All the partners were aware of the importance of the completion of the tasks on time.

On the other hand, dissemination issues were referred as vitals, namely the creation of a link to the project in the main national stake holder’s websites.

The discussions on WP3, concerning the methodological approach to the construction of the profile, were very interesting. Both the qualification and the professional approach were considered relevant.

In this analysis, the partners had in mind the relevance of the occupation approach and the international recognition of the profile.

Therefore, besides ECVET and EQAVET standards, it was considered that also the ISO standards, namely 17024 – person’s certification - and 29990 – non formal education and training – should be taken in to account.

The partners valued the knowledges, skills and competences – which can bring to learning outcomes - as well as the processes – input, action and output.

Also, it was done a preliminary identification of the essential competences of the Destination Manager.

In the end of the meeting the partners devoted some time to managerial issues, namely the presentation of the deliverables, administrative doubts, memorandum of understanding with stakeholders and next semester preparation. The task leaders are particularly responsible for the success of these issues.

At the closure it was discussed the March meeting for the pilot test and it was scheduled a new meeting in Florence, next October.

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