FLORENCE received the 3rd Meeting

The 3rd and the 4th of November 2016 were the days to all the partners join again.

The venue could not have been more appropriated: the Department of “Protection of the right to study and research support” of Tuscany Region, close to the Florence Synagogue and to the main beauties of the Historical city center. Nothing more appropriated considering our work, aiming tourism development.

The 1st day morning session started with the welcome speech by hosting representative Mr. Roberto Ferrari, Director of the Department of Culture and Research of the Tuscany Region.

The morning work started with an intervention of WP 3 leader, Tuv Thuringen, concerning the finalisation of the skills analysis and presentation of the deliverable 3.1, Qualification Profile and definition of the main contents of the Deliverable.

Letizia Scalambro was responsible for the presentation. We discuss several issues namely the more important competences, including the excellent language knowledge. In conclusion, as activities still to do, it was identified the review of the essential competences, that wil permit the identification of the learning outcomes and the learning activities.

After the Coffee Break, moderated by WP3, 4 and 6 leaders and with the participation of Elena Mocchio – UNI - Italian Organization for Standardization, we focus on the EQF, ECVET, ECTS and EQAVET systems to shift to learning outcomes and on qualifications-related processes.

It was discussed the utility of submitting the profile and the curriculum to a CEN Workshop, an european certification, in order to have na european standardization. In this domain, we also made some reflexion about the public nature of the profile and private of the curricula and the handbook.

Lunch Break was a very interesting moment, in what concerns social responsability, because the meal was provided in a restaurante where the employees are disabled persons.

The Afternoon Session, moderated by WP 6 leader, Algarve University, gave us a presentation of the quality assurance tool-kit. Ana Gonçalves presented us a template with the kit items. It will be produced 2 documents per year, the first one in the next weeks, based on the reports the partners will have to send.

After that, moderated by WP 4 leader – UNIFI –, we had a presentation of the methodology aimed to define and develop the DM training curriculum. The idea is to have a curriculum of 2.000 hours

Following the coffee-break, moderated by WP 7 leader – IEFP – we had a presentation of the development concerning internal evaluation process and including a skype call with the External Evaluator of the Project.


After a very productive working day, the partner’s had a social dinner in Restaurant “Finisterrae”.

20:00 Dinner

Next day, were welcomed by Alessandro Monti – FRI –, who focused on the pilot test phase of the DM training course and on the need to report to the comission, after one year Project. contents

Moderated by the WP5 leader – ENFO – we then had a discussion and validation of the methodology concerning Task 5.1:”Participants recruiting and execution of Pilot test”. We discussed the number of modules to include in the pilot test phase, the way to do it, the selection of students and eligible costs.

The work went on after a Coffee Break, concerning WP 8 and 9 – working progresses, moderated by the WP8 and 9 leaders – IP Trans and ADE.

They made a presentation of the development concerning dissemination activities of the project's outputs plus the focus on the networking and sharing knowledge activities to promote.

After the lunch break the last afternoon session was moderated by the moderated by the Project Coordinator, Marco Scerbo – FRI. He focused on the state of the art of the financial reporting after the 1st year of project and focus on the level of expenditures sustained by the consortium per category, allocation and use of the budget for mobility of students per country.

It was a very useful meeting in wich all the partners reinforced their connection to the Project!

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