Italian project partners organized a meeting with ECVET

On the January 17th the Italian project partners organized a meeting also joined by dott.ssa Michela Vecchia, on behalf of the ECVET secretariat

The meeting was held at the premises of the Foundation for Research and Innovation in Florence, VECTOR project coordinator, as a support event for the WP3 Leader (Tuv-Thuringen Italia) and the WP4 leader (University of Florence) that are facing, during the present months, the most challenging and interesting stage of the project development.

Both the entities, supported by the whole consortium's members, are finalizing the most important output of the VECTOR's project: the Destination Manager's profile and Curriculum.

The themes addressed by the partners with the ECVET secretariat, were finalized in order to cope and fine-tune the project's activities with the learning outcomes methodology as the basis to structure a profile and a curriculum as much flexible as possible, in order to be adapted to the training/educational requirements of the countries involved (Italy, Portugal and Spain) as much as the tourism markets' needs of the EU-countries.

The meeting was also the occasion to officially invite the ECVET secretariat to join the next project meetings and the relative political events that will be held in Valladolid (March 2017), Lisbon (September 2017) and Florence (May 2018).

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