At Valladolid First phase of the pilot test of the Destination Manager Curriculum took place

March 28th was the beginning of the Destination Manager (DM) curriculum pilot test.

24 students from Italy, Spain and Portugal, but also from France and Croatia, gathered in Valladolid, at Cámara Oficial de Comercio, Industria y Servicios de Valladolid (CamVa), at the premises of the Escuela Internacional de Cocina.

Purpose of this event: to start the test of the DM curriculum.

The participants had contact with the Training Platform but also with some of the modules of the course: Planning, Management, Marketing, fund-raising and information technology and web 2.0 in the tourism sector.

The group is very rich and diverse which gave us the chance to have a wide variety of inputs.

4th VECTOR’s project meeting took also place in CamVa’s premises

March 30 was the day for Vector’s partners to gather in order to continue the project’s work.

Partners were received by CamVa’s General Director, Roberto García Marcos.

After that, they started working on the Destination Manager Curriculum Development, namely about the finalization of the Deliverable 4.1 (learning content), the discussion about the main contents of the Deliverable 4.2 (ECVET- proof Destination Manager profile) as well as the deliverable 4.3 (ECTS evaluation and transcript for each module of the Destination Manager Curriculum).

Partners also did a first Pilot test event debriefing, important remarks concerning the Mid-Term reporting to the European Commission and a review of the first Political event, including the presentation of the Vector Pilot test event, with the participation of 3 students, in order to have their feedback concerning this first week of activities as long as their aims and aspirations in becoming Destination Managers.

Before the end of that working day partners discussed about the Quality Assurance of the project and of the related outcomes, the working progresses and the preparation of the mid-term report.

City tour and social dinner

Before dinner, partner’s had the chance of knowing a little bit about Valladolid’s center.

It was a very interesting tour in which we saw some of the most relevant monuments, namely Iglesia de San Benito, Plaza de San Pablo, the Catedral or Iglesia de San Lorenzo.

The day finished with a “how to make Spanish tortillas” class and with a nice buffet dinner, in each we ate the tortillas and drink the nice wine of the region.

March 31st, at Salon de Actos of Chamber of Commerce, took place the 2nd day of the meeting with a political event with Spanish stakeholders.

Moderated by the Hosting entity, CAMVA, we heard about the political vision concerning Education in Tourism sector. After an introduction and welcome speech made by Víctor Ángel Caramanzana Rey, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Valladolid, Agustín Sigüenza Molina, General Director of Vocational Training and Special Regime of the Education Office of the Junta de Castilla y León, gave us his view.

After that, VECTOR’s Project Coordinator Marco Scerbo, presented us the project at a glance and David Lagunilla Cantero, Head of Training Service for Employment and Accreditation of Professional Qualifications of the Public Employment Service of Castilla y León also provided us with his perspective.

VECTOR’s Scientific Coordinator, Giovanni Liberatore, shared with the participants some information concerning the Destination Management, a subject that was also referred about the autonomic region by Alejandro David Galán Aguado, Coordinator of the Directorate of Tourism de la Junta de Castilla Y Leon.

The 2nd Session concerned the offer level, with some examples of destination management in Castilla Y Leon and with an insight on Vector’s Training course.

Gumersindo Bueno Benito, from Foundation Santa Maria la Real, talked about the Cultural Heritage Destinations, Mónica García Hernando, Manager of the Tourist Board, Provincial Council of Valladolid, presented the topic of Rural Destinations in Valladolid, and finally Marcos Yllera Pérez, President of the Yllera Group and Director of El Hilo de Ariadna, focused on Wine Tourism Destinations.

The day ended with a presentation of the Vector´s pilot test event.

José Bourbon (partner IPTrans) gave the floor to 3 students which spoked about their feedbacks, expectations and aims: Benedetta Borri, from Italy, Maria del Piño Perez, from Spain, and Larissa Slavic, from Croatia, but also from Italy, where she lives.

In what concerns the feedbacks, all the participants were very satisfied with the great level of knowledge and experiences of the participants. They all considered this course a relevant need to the market, taking in to account the sustainability perspective.

Participants expect to acquire new skills, to be in contact with real actors of the tourism sector and to analyze real case studies and real life examples. On the other hand, they have the expectation of more innovative and creative modules with updated multimedia components.

They have the view that the DM is not a technician but an entrepreneur on destination opportunities and that the course should give value to internships and employability.

Finally, in what concerns the DM role, the participants highlighted their view on the DM structural competences: Marketing, Management and Planning, not forgetting the digital knowledge. They also referred the tourism market flows, international policies, legislations and regulations as others relevant knowledges.

They believe that the DM has a special way of doing things, building networks, between public and private sectors, enhancing the resources of the territory and acting “glocally”.

His final aim: to create new sustainable package tourism destinations.

This political event ended before lunch time. All partners returned home with the conviction that we will have, from now on, a great collaboration from our student’s group.

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