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ECVET Magazine, n° 28, came out last June. ECVET stands for European Credit System for Vocational Education&Training and has its own Magazine that promotes the development of skills and qualifications for people within EU to increase chances to succeed in their careers and personal lives.

In last month Magazine there is an article related to Vector – A Vocational and Educational Curriculum Design on Tourism- Project. Back in January 2017 Project Coordinator, Marco Scerbo from Foundation for Research and Innovation, was interviewed by ECVET Secretariat, Michela Vecchia.

The aim of the project is to define a high skilled professional profile of “Destination Manager (DM)”, a profile that is capable of proposing strategies aiming at managing, enhancing and promoting tourist destinations in an integrated perspective with the objective to decrease the shortage of qualified professionals in the tourism sector.

After the identification of the Destination Manager profile according to ECVET principles ad technicalities, it was necessary to adapt its curriculum to EQF –European Qualifications Framework- level 5. The focus of the interview is then on the following topics:

  • How to identify a training path with relevant results to create a curriculum

  • How to create consistency between the results of learning process and EQF level 5, so to help the participants to easily move through other training courses and levels (e.g. VET and HE)

This is just to tease you… you can learn more about ECVET Magazine and read the interview by clicking HERE. It starts at page 19!

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