Sixth meeting of the VECTOR project will be held in Florence

At April, 18-20th will take place at the University of Florence the sixth international meeting of the VECTOR project.

In the first day several topics will be discussed at the meeting, namely the process of recognition of the professional profile of the Destination Manager course in the three countries of the project (Italy, Spain and Portugal), the organization of the pilot course as well as the completion of the work it inherent in the project quality assurance.

On the 20th, the event will also have an international conference on Destination Management. Several topics of interest will be addressed. This is the case of residents and tourists, a process of balance that begins to be discussed all around Europe.

In this event, students will receive their certificates of participation in the pilot course.

The morning session will end with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with interested public and private partners.

In the afternoon there will be parallel sessions on fundamental aspects of the Management of Tourist Destinations: Planning and Management, Marketing and Promotion and also financing and web 4.0.

In parallel, on April 16-20th, will take place the 2nd phase of the pilot course of Manager of Tourist Destinations.

The objectives are to verify the results of the testing process and to have a general test of the entire course.

Students will be taught the final part of the funding module, discuss with the teachers the previous modules, prepare their participation in the parallel sessions and receive, in the political event, the participation certificate.

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